Install Docker Desktop on Windows

  1. Double-click Docker Desktop Installer.exe to run the installer.
  2. When the installation is successful, click Close to complete the installation process.

Check the WSL2 feature installation

Django web framework is a repid web application development framework. I have been using this framework in different project since 2 years. So I will dicusss about way of uploading document, image to server through Django framework and build the site from scratch.


  1. Python Version ≥ 3.6
  2. Django Framework

Dockerized the Angular App

Docker is a technology which makes the deployment process less painful. In this part of the article i will discuss how to dockerized the Angular Application, later we can easliy deploy the site to production and kubernetes.

I will follow multistage docker build apporach to build the docker image using…

In this part of the article I will dicsuss about the important features of Angular, which we need to configure and structured the project. Those features are App Initializer and Configure the Routing with Module.

Before we start, if you don’t understand where to start, please read my previous part…

Angular is a full phased Frontend Development framework. We can acually don’t need to configure anything for start developing with this framework. It has its own routing, http, testing module, which has already well configured with it. so no need to extra configuration. The Most valuable feature is it has…

Today I will discuss the basics of the Vue JS and how it works, how its feature works and how we can apply different features at development.

What is Vue JS?

Vue Js is the frontend framework, which is used to create the javascript drive web application, it runs on…

Swagger 2 is an open-source project to provide the functionality of exposing the REST API endpoint to consumers and developers. It provides the information through HTTP protocols and It has web-based UI, where developers or consumers can get the information or metadata of RESTful API. It also provides the functionality…

Internationalization or Localization is important for a multinational company that has a website, which would be reachable to different languages understanding people. From a Developer perspective, some developers still think that internalization is a hard task to do. But in modern front end technology makes it easy to implement. React…

What Are the Differences Between Spring and Spring Boot?

Spring comes with multiple features that make the developer’s life easy. The feature includes an embedded web server, auto-configure development environment, data persistence, and binding, annotations classes, dependency injection, aspect-oriented programming, easy security implementation.

On the other hand, spring has grown…

In this part of the article introduce the database service in docker composer. Then I have to modify some configuration of Django to make a project compatible with Local Development and Docker Development and deployment also. Show the migration process of the Local environment and the Docker environment. …

Tariqul Islam

Tariqul Islam have 9+ years of software development experience. He knows Python, Node Js and Java, C# , PHP.

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